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Ways to Play in January

Tape a large piece of paper under a table and set-out some crayons for an upside-down drawing.

Make sparkly snow paint with 1/2 cup each of flour, salt, and water. Apply to a piece of heavy paper or cardboard with a spoon, craft stick, or squeeze bottle. It will sparkle as it dries!

Make a weather chart and track the daily wind, rain, snow and sunshine.


Make structures with toothpicks and marshmallows.

Set-up a stuffed animal zoo or vet office. Make signs, tickets, prescriptions, and feeding schedules. Lead zoo tours or treat your patients with bandages, medicine (poms poms work great), and love!

Tell a story and have a grown-up write it down. Add some illustrations, too!

Paint some cardstock or watercolor paper (with brushes or fingers). When dry, cut the paper into postcards and send notes to friends and family.


Play animal charades - noises encourages!

Design a living room carnival.  Set-up several simple game stations, such as beanbag toss, “egg” & spoon race (use a ping pong ball), or a cake walk. Make signs, tickets, and a prize booth. Don’t forget the concession stand with popcorn and drinks!

Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt. Find something for each color in the rainbow. Draw or photograph what you found.

Club Oz News

Last Quarter Recap:

October: Kade Hunt won the $25 for guessing how many candy corn were in the jar at the Ark City Office.

December: Santa visited the Club oz kids on December 18th and 19th.

Start off 2013 with some COOL savings tips!

  1. Focus on reaching a goal.
  2. Don’t spend more than you have.
  3. Become a wise shopper.
  4. Have a spending plan.
  5. Deposit money you don’t need.



Hey Kids,

It’s cold outside! What can you do inside... make a deposit in January for a chance to win a basket of goodies!

Come in and visit us often to make deposits and start saving your wizard dollars for a HUGE drawing in APRIL!

THANKS!! To all the girls at the credit union for making every party a SUCCESS!!!

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