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In an age full of internet scams and too much spam, we all know it’s smart to be cautious about opening links you’re not familiar with. However, if you receive an email or text from us concerning your home or auto insurance, its OK to click. Providing you with convenient digital communication options is just one more area in which we’re leading the way... Read more

If you are a member of a credit union, each year you receive an invitation to attend the Annual Meeting. But you’ve probably never attended it. Maybe it’s the name that makes it sound too boring but when you understand what is so special about a credit union’s Annual Meeting, you’ll realize they aren’t boring at all!

What is the Annual Meeting Anyway?

The credit union Annual Meeting is actually the meeting of... Read more

With the Internet, the world has opened up to us in many ways.  We don’t have to settle for local purchase prices on the things we want; we can purchase these online.  We can look for jobs in other cities; visit with family and friends online, the list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, the world has opened up for criminals as well.  Criminals who use the Internet prey on the unsuspecting and trusting, or those who are desperate or... Read more