Other Services

Direct Deposit

Have your paycheck, social security, retirement or other recurring checks automatically deposited into your Ark Valley Credit Union Branch checking or savings account. Just think of it as bypassing your mailbox and “skipping the middle-man.” It’s an easy way to establish a great payment history, without the hassle — and build your credit score in the process! Contact the Credit Union for more information.

Notary Service

Get your documents notarized on-site. Ark Valley Credit Union Branch has notaries on staff to assist our members. Simply stop by your nearest Ark Valley Credit Union Branch location.

Other Services

Payroll Deduction

Build a sound savings account or pay back a loan hands-free. With your authorization, we can arrange for an automatic deduction of a specified amount taken directly from your paycheck and deposit it into any of your accounts — or apply it as a regular loan payment.

Stop worrying and start automating. Pick up a Payroll Deduction form at any conveniently located Ark Valley Credit Union Branch.

Phone Banking

Access your Ark Valley Credit Union accounts by phone for free! Hear account balances, transfer funds, even retrieve your account history.

Credit Counseling

At Ark Valley Credit Union we offer FREE Credit Counseling to our members. Credit Counseling helps repair your credit and take charge for your future.

This is important because the higher your credit score, the lower your interest rates and some insurance rates will be. Please see a member of our staff to get started today.


  • Phone Banking
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Notary Services
  • Direct Deposit